what the public defender?

20-something PD trying to navigate the justice system without killing anyone.

I did not make any of the gifs on this page.

Anonymous asked: When the DA hires the wife of the judge to prosecute in that same judge's courtroom...

Anonymous asked: When the DA argues to the jury that if they fail to convict, they will be condoning the defendant's behavior and encouraging the behavior! And then your client gets convicted ...(and the Judge refuses to grant a mistrial)

Anonymous asked: When a baby prosecutor demands, "pursuant to the discovery rules," an interview with your client.

pb8481 asked: When your client gets charged with wearing/carrying a dangerous weapon, to wit: a laundry basket, with the intent and purpose of injuring an individual in an unlawful manner. A laundry basket 😑

Anonymous asked: After completing my 6 week internship with the OPD, I've found I have a slightly irrational hatred of prosecutors; this is normal right?

Chelsea asked: When your jury asks the greatest question of all time during deliberations: “If we find him not guilty of all counts, do we need to fill out the special finding forms?”