what the public defender?

20-something PD trying to navigate the justice system without killing anyone.

I did not make any of the gifs on this page.

Anonymous asked: When the jury has been out for almost two hours on your dead dog loser trial?

Anonymous asked: When the prosecutor is a former child star and starts voir dire by asking the jury if anyone recognizes her? This happened.

Anonymous asked: When you receive a voicemail from an incarcerated client where he says "I just wanted to call and say that I think you're doing a great job. I really appreciate your help. A lot of guys in here aren't happy with their attorneys, but I just wanted to say thanks for everything you're doing for me."

Anonymous asked: I love the site but never thought I'd have anything worth posting until yesterday when during my first sex offense trial the complaining witness, after describing in lurid detail how a man was masturbating in front of her, clearly identified me and not my client as the masturbator.

tryflet asked: You make me want to be a PD. (love, someone who used to want to be a prosecutor).

This is by far the best comment I’ve received. 


Anonymous asked: Do you think it is possible for a PD to have a successful marriage with a prosecutor?