what the public defender?

20-something PD trying to navigate the justice system without killing anyone.

I did not make any of the gifs on this page.

Anonymous asked: When you spend a week trying to contact your client to tell him you got the charges withdrawn, only to find out he's back in jail for assaulting the same woman.

Anonymous asked: When you find an obscure section of your state's constitution specifically outlining that your client had a constitutional right to be where he was arrested for trespass and therefor the drugs they found on him have to be excluded!

Kate Asked: Can you give a shout-out to a colleague who just spent twelve straight weeks in trial on half a dozen serious cases and keeps fighting the good fight?

Anonymous asked: When you check your messages before you've had your morning coffee and the first message includes the phrase "I just wanted to let you know I wrote a letter to the Judge asking for a bail reduction."

Anonymous asked: When the DA threatens to jury demand a case because you quoted her taunting you on Facebook...

Anonymous asked: When you open a new file and find out your client has 7 open DUIs...